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Strange Ancient Russia

Strange Ancient Russia

Once upon a time in Russia were so strange customs that it is hard to believe. Even the Russians themselves do not know that they really existed.

Sex Between Father-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law

We cannot say that it was approved, but it was considered a very small sin. Often fathers married their sons in 12-13 years on russian girls 16-17 years old. In the meantime, the guys were catching up with the development of their young wives, and the dad worked out matrimonial duties for them. A completely win-win option was to send his son to work for six months or even better in the army for twenty years. Then the daughter-in-law, staying in the family of her husband, practically had no chance to refuse the father-in-law. If she resisted, she did the hardest and dirty work and tolerated the constant fault-finding of the "senior man" (the so-called head of the family).

Orgies on the Pagan Feast in the Christian Times

Now, this can be seen only in special movies, mostly of German production. And before that, they were doing this in the Russian villages on Ivan Kupala. This holiday combined pagan and Christian traditions. So, after the dance at the campfire couples went to look for the flowers of the fern in the forest. But you understand, the fern does not bloom, it reproduces by spores. This is only an excuse for young people to go into the forest and indulge in carnal pleasures. Moreover, such ties were not binding on either boys or girls.

One More Orgy (Gaski)

This custom, which can also be called a fallacious sin, is described by the Italian traveler Roccolini. All the young people of the village gathered in a big house. They sang and danced under the light of a burning beam was shining. And when a beam was extinguished, they indulged in love pleasures blindly with those who were close. Then the light was lit, and the fun with the dances continued again. And so until dawn. That night, when Roccolini got on the Gaski, the beam was extinguished and ignited five times. Whether the traveler himself participated in the Russian folk rite, history is silent.


This rite is not related to sex, you can relax. A preterm or weak child was "baked" in the oven. Not in a shish kebab, of course, but rather in bread. It was believed that if the baby is not "cooked" in the womb, then you have to bake it yourself. The baby was wrapped in a special rye dough cooked on the water. Only the nostrils to breathe were left untouched. They tied them to a bread-shovel and spoke secret words, placing a kid on the stove for a while. Of course, the oven was not hot, but warm. No one was going to serve the child. Such a ritual tried to burn diseases. Whether this helped, history is silent too.

Frightening of Pregnant Women

Ancient Russian people treated the birth of children with special trepidation. It was believed that at this moment the child passes from the world of the dead into the world of the living. The process itself is not easy for a woman, and the midwives tried to make it completely unbearable. A specially trained witch attached herself between the legs of the woman in childbirth and persuaded the pelvic bones to move apart. If this did not help, then they tried to frighten a future mother, rattle the pots, they could even shoot a gun near her. They very liked to cause a vomiting at the woman in labor. It was believed that when she vomits, the child goes more willingly. To do this, her hair was shoved into her mouth or her fingers were pinched. Weird and scary.



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